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How to reduce costs through fuel consumption management?

From: Time: 2018-07-31

How does the fleet start to reduce fuel costs? How to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption? 3 kinds of fuel consumption analysis, using scientific methods to reduce cost and increase efficiency!

In the management of the fleet, the flag of "fuel consumption management" has been held high all the time, but the overall effect is not satisfactory.

How does the fleet start to reduce fuel costs? How to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption? ChainwayTSP fleet managers believe that we can focus on fuel consumption and mileage, driving behavior and other related analysis to find out the problem.

Case introduction-an insurance company survey vehicle project

An insurance company has always had the problem of high fuel consumption and no scientific management means, it lacks the control measures during and after the vehicle going out. In 2016, our company provided it with the management cloud service of the winged fleet. At present, a total of 2500 vehicles installed equipment, distributed in 29 provinces and 287 cities.

Operational services and measures:

1. Accurate reading of fuel consumption: Abandon the traditional way of manually recording fuel consumption, and read the fuel consumption of the vehicle through ChainwayTSP OBD equipment.

2. Fuel consumption analysis management: Analyze the reasons of high fuel consumption from the technical level, analyze the correlation between mileage and fuel consumption, control idle fuel consumption, eliminate false reports, transparent management, and reduce operating costs.

3. Set reward and punishment system: provide detailed analysis of fuel consumption data, provide vehicle fuel consumption standards, assist the fleet to set up relevant reward and punishment systems, and establish a fuel economy atmosphere for the fleet.

Project management results:

After half a year of management, the mileage of the surveyed vehicles decreased by 42%, and the average fuel consumption of vehicles decreased by 50%; In addition, the real-time monitoring and management of survey vehicle is completed through the ChainwayTSP fleet management system, which reduces the situation of idling, empty running, random running and more running of the survey vehicle.


Correlation analysis of fuel consumption in different dimensions:

1. Accurate statistical analysis of mileage and fuel consumption

The traditional fuel consumption recording method has led to the emergence of false reports and false reports. Using tools such as fuel consumption sensors, the function is single and the accuracy is not guaranteed.

The vehicle-mounted equipment installed on the vehicle by ChainwayTSP fleet management system can accurately read fuel consumption.

Dongfeng, Valin, Shaanqi, Jianghuai, Hino, heavy Auto, SAIC Hongyan, Liuqi and other brand vehicles to read the accuracy of oil consumption is more than 99%. And the fleet manager can check the relationship between the driving mileage data and fuel consumption in the fleet management platform, prevent the private use of the bus, and reduce the false reporting of road and bridge fees, fuel costs.

QQ图片20180730191719.png                                                                                                              Mileage-fuel consumption diagram

2. Correlation Analysis between driving behavior and fuel consumption

Idle speed, brake and other bad driving behaviors are the important reasons for high fuel consumption. The ChainwayTSP vehicle equipment can collect the bad driving behavior of drivers, and the administrator can check the influence of bad driving behavior on fuel consumption in the management platform. By correcting bad driving behavior, you will be surprised to find that the cost of fuel consumption is greatly reduced!


                              Record bad driving behavior

3.Comparative analysis between fleets and between vehicles

Drivers who run the same route on the same fleet will have different fuel consumption. The administrator can monitor the fuel consumption data of each vehicle through the ChainwayTSP platform of fleet management, and obtain a relatively fair fuel consumption standard, which can be used as the assessment standard for drivers. Drivers who exceed this standard each month need to pay more attention, while drivers below the standard can be given appropriate incentives to develop fuel-saving consciousness.

8.3.png                                                                                                                                                    Fuel consumption comparison chart

ChainwayTSP fleet management cloud services to help the fleet manage refined fuel consumption under big data. By analyzing the data of different dimensions, we can find out the root cause of the high fuel consumption of the fleet, and then solve the pain point problem from the source.