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CHAINWAYTSP Took "Fleet Management Cloud Service" appeared in Beijing

From: Time: 2018-07-27

Recently, ChainwayTSP witnessed the official release of Huawei Cloud EI Agent at the Huawei Cloud in Shenzhen, China. On July 24th, “The Cloud of Faith on AI—Huawei Cloud China Tour 2018·Beijing Station”officially kicked off, ChainwayTSP was invited again to take hot product, "Fleet Management Cloud Service" appeared in Beijing.


                                                                The Cloud of Faith on AI

At the exhibition site, the speaker of ChainwayTSP demonstrated how to use the fleet management cloud platform for intelligent and efficient fleet management. The advantages and disadvantages of traditional fleet management mode and intelligent fleet management are clear at a glance.


ChainwayTSPs fleet management cloud service


Which is your choice?

The guests who came to watch the event experienced the powerful function of the fatigue driving detection equipment in front of the booth, whether it was closing eyes, looking around, or playing with mobile phones, smoking, the equipment can judge and carry out language alarm.


Nip accident in the bud

"The cloud of faith on AI - Huawei Cloud China 2018" is still expanding, and in the next time, where will we meet? Please wait and see~