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Huawei Clouds in China 2018, the "Internet star" product in the vehicl

From: Time: 2018-07-03

On June 26th, “The Cloud of Faith on AI – Huawei Cloud in China” held its first stop event in Shenzhen. More than 1,200 big shots from various fields gathered to share the vision of the future of the intelligent era.

As the “highlight” of the Shenzhen Station, Huawei set up an exhibition hall at the venue to show the industry-leading joint innovations. ChainwayTSP has been invited to bring the "Internet star" products-intelligent fleet management solutions to the venue. Intelligent fleet management platform, visual driving behavior management and ADAS (Advanced driving Assistance system) attracted many guests to visit.


 the "Internet star" product in the vehicle telematics industry

As a “Internet star”product in the vehicle telematics industry, the intelligent fleet management solution has been recognized by many customers and is known as a word-of-mouth product that allows fleet managers and drivers to transform from “rough man” to “exquisite boy”.


In the traditional fleet management, the fleet fuel consumption and various trip data are still recorded manually, and the paper document storage mode has caused great pressure on management. And there is no scientific record and analysis of various expenses, resulting in high operating costs and difficult management.

At the exhibition site, the explainers demonstrated the intelligent fleet management plan and platform for the guests. Through the various functions of vehicle monitoring, mileage fuel consumption management, safety management, data report management, etc., it helps the motorcade achieve visual monitoring requirements, control operation costs, and complete the intelligent management upgrade.


Guests consulted products in front of booth

Fleet management in the pocket

The solution of intelligent fleet management not only helps the fleet realize the transition from traditional extensive management to intelligent management 0 to 1, but also reshapes the fleet operation and management mode. The complex fleet operation will be installed into the mobile phone app to achieve efficient management at any time, anywhere.


At the event site, Zheng Yelai, the company's vice president and president of Cloud BU, announced the launch of Huawei Cloud EI Agent and applied it to solve various industry issues, helping enterprises to improve production efficiency, refined operations, business model innovation, etc. Make the industry smarter.


ChainwayTSP has always believed that intelligent technology has the subversive potential. In the future, intelligent transportation will also rely on the computing and analysis capabilities of Huawei Cloud EI Agent to continuously upgrade intelligent fleet management applications and solutions, infiltrating into sub-sectors, the most advanced vehicle telematics technology will be able to empower enterprises and fleets through products and services to realize a beautiful vision of easy mobility and smooth flow of goods.