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ChainwayTSP Attended Huawei China-funded Enterprises Product Promotion Conferen

From: Time: 2018-06-26

On June 21st, Huawei Myanmar's Chinese Product Promotion Conference was successfully held in Yangon, Myanmar. The conference aims to strengthen the cooperation and exchange of Chinese-funded enterprises and open up new opportunities for Chinese-funded enterprises to expand their overseas businesses. It has attracted such well-known organizations and companies as the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar, China Mobile, and UF Group.

ChainwayTSP was invited to attend the promotion conference. Li Jiao, director of overseas marketing, took "Enterprise Intelligent Travel" as the theme to share the solutions and successful cases of Enterprise Intelligent Travel, which further deepened the participants' understanding of the enterprise intelligent travel upgrade service. For the future to provide customers with better quality services lay the foundation. 6.1.png

Overseas marketing director Li Jiao introduced solutions

At the beginning of the meeting, Liu Ying, President of the China Merchants Association, and Zhang Liman, CEO of Huawei Technologies, respectively addressed the guests. Wang Hongxin, Huawei's vice president of Southeast Asia, shared Huawei Cloud as the "dark land" of the Intelligent world, the Ecological Development Strategy in the process of connecting Enterprises now and in the Future.


Speech by Wang Hongxin, vice president of Huawei cloud southeast Asia

Huawei cloud is based on the accumulation of 30 years of technical service experience, the construction of information, automation, intelligent cloud "black land". Relying on Huawei Cloud Services, ChainwayTSP can provide differentiated vehicle telematics solutions and services for different industries. And overseas marketing director Li Jiao also introduced in detail ChainwayTSP’s business innovation in the field of enterprise intelligent travel.

Enterprise Intelligent Travel Solution

Enterprise intelligent travel solution of ChainwayTSP, using intelligent OoT equipment OBD to collect vehicle data in real time, and analyzes and displays big data through corporate intelligent travel platforms to achieve visualized management. It can provide refined corporate intelligence travel services for government and enterprises, and has a strong regulatory effect, solving the problems of private use of government cars and high cost of administrative vehicles, form a good corporate atmosphere, and promote the efficient operation of the whole work.


Demonstration of ChainwayTSP’s Intelligent Travel Management platform


Integration with Huawei Mr. car system

In 2014, ChainwayTSP provided Huawei with an enterprise intelligent travel solution and integrated with Huawei's Mr. car system, during the driving process, the intelligent IoT device OBD records the trajectory, mileage, duration, and other information of each mission for passenger evaluation and management inspection. The realization of paperless management of vehicles has greatly regulated the use of vehicles and improved the efficiency of vehicle use. For example, Huawei Myanmar Office insists on providing high-quality “special car service” for Huawei customers and employees under the environment of inconvenient traffic and poor travel service in Myanmar, and optimizes management measures through the use of corporate intelligent travel solutions. To improve service quality and car travel efficiency, the number of administrative vehicles in 2017 decreased from more than 300 vehicles to more than 200 vehicles, which ultimately saved about US$1 million in costs.

As one of the few enterprises that take the lead in the global intelligent transportation and vehicle telematics market,ChainwayTSP will continue to take innovation as its gene and technology as a means to continuously upgrade its intelligent travel services to meet the personalized needs of different government and enterprise customers. Reducing its operating costs, and then drive the transformation of government-enterprise intelligent travel mode.