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“ChainwayTSP” Attended Expo to Explore New Trends in 5G Technology

From: Time: 2018-06-26

From May 26 to May 29, the 2018 China International Big Data Industry Expo (referred to as the Expo) was opened in Guiyang. Huawei brings Smart City Digital Platform and Smart City Debuts with partners.

As an ecological partner in the field of intelligent transportation and vehicle  telematics, ChainwayTSP was invited to participate in the joint exhibition.


Huawei, mobile, Unicom, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other companies appeared with cool techs. Overseas giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook also sent important people to the conference, more than 230000 times.


Smart City Pavilion


Let's take a look at some of this year's best technology and applications.


5G booster remote, autopilot starts faster

At the Expo, Qualcomm, China Unicom, China Mobile, etc. focused on 5G technologies and applications. In April, the National Development and Reform Commission formally approved the pilots of the three major operators to build 5G networks. The fastest 5G commercial service will be launched in 2020, and it will take less than 2 seconds to download 6GB HD movies.

In addition to the daily experience of faster Internet, the 5G will also show its capabilities in the driverless and other cutting-edge technology. 

In the exhibition hall of the Expo, the driver can remotely control the vehicles of tens of kilometers away through the driving console, easily and accurately perform driving operations such as forward, acceleration, braking, and turning.

These operating signals can be instantaneously transmitted to unmanned vehicles of several tens of kilometers through the ultra-low latency of 5G networks.


Staff perform driving operations in the exhibition hall


Vehicles travel tens of kilometers away

Remote autopilot will be widely used in hazardous areas such as no-man 's areas, mining areas, garbage transportation areas and so on. It will greatly improve the operation efficiency and save manpower.


 5G Promotes Innovative Development of Intelligen Transportation

The innovation and application of 5G technology are necessary elements to support the operation of intelligent transportation systems.

With the arrival of the 5G age, not only will the information exchange between cars and cars, cars and roads, cars and people become more accurate and rapid, the transmission rate of 10 Gb/s enables different intelligent transportation application components to be more linked, improving the intelligence of the entire intelligent transportation system.


In the future, Huawei, ChainwayTSP and other ecological partners will continue to work together to study and formulate a plan for the construction of an urban intelligent transportation system based on the strategic overall situation of urban traffic development, and build a new generation of urban intelligent transportation systems.

Optimize the current situation of transportation industry, provide more convenient travel and transportation services for citizens, enterprise transportation and other areas of people's livelihood, and build a greener intelligent transportation ecological environment.