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ChainwayTSP brought "Star products" to the World Intelligent Congress

From: Time: 2018-05-23

On May 16, the second World Intelligent Conference, "the world's first large-scale high-end exchange platform in the field of intelligence", opened as scheduled in Tianjin. The conference invited many domestic and foreign scientific and technological giants and more than 1800 artificial intelligence experts.

As an important exhibitor of this event, Huawei invited ChainwayTSP as its partner in the field of intelligent transportation and vehicle telematics to participate in the exhibition.


Star Product-Fleet Management Solution

The basic application service of ChainwayTSP: fleet management solution is mainly displayed in the vehicle telematics exhibition area.


Escort for fleet operations


The fleet management solution relies on Huawei cloud platform and takes EI big data as the core, through the matching and analysis of multi-dimensional data and information such as vehicle position, vehicle attributes, driving factors, and drivers, dynamic risk prediction, risk monitoring and management of fleet operations are realized, ultimately helping the fleet to improve its risk management and reduce operating costs.

Fleet Intelligence Visual Management received attention

Focusing on the theme of “Intelligent Age: New Developments, New Trends, and New Measures”, ChainwayTSP introduced the innovative solutions for intelligent visualization in detail for the guests who came to the consultation, including visual management of driving behavior, accident recovery and forensics, ADAS, and driving risk factor calculation.


The staff were introducing the fleet intelligent visual management solution


In the coming era of intelligent economy driven by data and computing, digital innovation technology will become a new engine to promote the development of the whole industry.

ChainwayTSP will continue to work with Huawei to build a mature vehicle telematics ecosystem and use 5G, IoT (Internet of things), car-road collaboration, cloud computing, AI (artificial intelligence) and other digital innovation technologies to build a perfect intelligent transportation ecological service system.