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ChainwayTSP participated in the launch of research results of CIITC’s insurance

From: Time: 2018-05-23

On May 14th, led by CIITCChainwayTSP participated in the research and formulation of the "Research report on the correlation between driving behavior factors and risk of insurance telematics" and "Regulations for data acquisition of vehicle insurance telematics ”(Draft ) was officially released.

This study is the first attempt to reseach on the integration of the large-scale data of insurance industry and car telematics networking industry, realizing the data collision of the largest sample in China at present. It aggregated nearly 180,000 vehicles, 200 million segments, 2.1 billion kilometers, and 4.5 billion minutes of driving data.


In recent years, the data integration between the automobile and insurance industries has become increasingly close. However, due to conditions such as data quality, data samples, and data capabilities, relevant research is still shallow and results are limited. 

Under this background,at the request of the supervision department and the industry, CIITC catches the issues of industry. Researching the trend of international car insurance telematics networking. It togethers with PICC,CPIP, Ping An Insurance, Land Insurance, Sunshine Insurance and 9 insurance companies, CHAINWAYTSP and 8 telematics technology companies(FAW Group, SAIC Volkswagen, BAIC New Energy, Geely Automotive Research Institute and 4 automakers), completed a series of complex tasks including terminal hardware analysis, raw data verification, trip data extraction, data reduction, feature extraction, data matching, and modeling analysis.

“Research reports on the correlation between driving behavior factors and risk of insurance telematics

The report clearly points out that the core of the application of data for insurance telematics is calculation, comprehensive consideration of dynamic and static data such as driving habits, vehicle status and driving environment, accurate calculation of risk costs, and innovation of products. This study fully explored the risk factors of driving behavior of telematics data; established a joint research mechanism and built a cross-industry research platform; accumulated research experience and promoted long-term innovation and application, which is conducive to the promotion of the research and application capabilities of telematics data in the insurance industry.


“Regulations for data acquisition of vehicle insurance telematics(Draft )

It defines and explains the basic data items and events of the telematics data collection according to the operational requirements of the automobile insurance, clearly stipulates the data the regulations of collection .The satellite positioning data sets, acceleration sensor data sets, and vehicle CAN line data sets are standardized while combining the features of the telematics terminal equipment.

In order to provide data quality assurance for auto insurance management, this paper creatively proposes data verification standards and forms a verification mechanism for vehicle telematics. Not only provides the basis for the data application of vehicle telematics industry, but also provides the data providers with clear core data requirements.That will also unify the parties to realize the sharing of introduction and application of vehicle telematics data .

                                                                                                                                   Source:  CIITC

In the meeting, Mr. Xue Efeng, the CEO of ChainwayTSP, has put forward several suggestions to the "Regulations for data acquisition of vehicle insurance telematics"(Draft )(hereinafter referred to as "Regulations "):

1. The group standard in  "Regulations " should be upgraded to the industry standard,  the pertinence and authority of the standard should be improved also, which is beneficial to the promotion and application of the whole industry.

2.In the current "Regulations", the acquisition of driving behavior involves the traditional triple urgency (rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, and sharp turning). Nowadays, with the rapid development of automatic driving and intelligent telematics technology, ChainwayTSP believes that multi-dimensional collection and analysis of driving behaviors should be carried out.And promoting the vehicle active safety devices  in order to fully adapt to the development trend of vehicles intelligent, networked, and electric.

3.In the process of standard formulationpassenger vehicles and commercial vehicles should be differentiated, and the expansion of data collection specifications for commercial vehicles should be added.

Finally, Mr. Xue Efeng, the CEO of ChainwayTSP, stated that under the background of the integration of the vehicle telematics system and the commercial vehicle fee reform, ChainwayTSP will also actively participate in the industry standard formulation and follow-up activities to provide more valuable vehicle telematics technology and data applications. It committed to the development of vehicle telematics and insurance industry.