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From: Time: 2017-07-28

With the development of Economy, traditional fleet management method keeps exposing problems including outdate of management measures, lack of safety consciousness, high frequency of accidents, etc., which leads to high operation cost and profit loss for enterprises.

  • These problems always annoy the managers when vehicles are running on the road

  • More and more accidents are occurring, but the causes are unknown.

  • Dangerous behaviors including over-speeding, harsh-braking, harsh-cornering, fatigue driving happens all the time, which is buries hidden danger.

  • Those easily neglected driving action leads to serious accidents.


Overturn traditional fleet management pattern

Brings in OBD Plus solution which focuses on picture, video, provides visualized risk management service

CHAINWAYTSP OBD Plus Solution uses intelligent OBD telematics terminal as carrier, and connects with Vehicle DVR/Video Machine which records the whole process of driving, at the same time detects and alerts for every dangerous driving behavior via Cloud ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistant System), then uploads videos, photos, etc. of accidents to cloud platform. In the end, grades drivers’ driving risks via big data analysis 

Fleet Risk Management Cloud Platform based on Big Data Analysis 

Administrator can check through platform anytime about all the data of vehicle running, including basic data such as mileage, fuel consumption, driving behavior, and media data such as video and photos etc. of accidents. By combining basic data and media data, realizes the visualized management of a fleet.(Events, Videos & Photos, Driving Behavior, Driving Track, Mileage & Fuel Consumption)


Core Function

Driving Behavior Visualized Management

No matter day or night, OBD+ can monitor driving video without any stop, records every moment of driving, fleet manager can check the running status of vehicles real-time, and monitor drivers effectively at the same time.

Cloud ADAS(Cloud Advanced Driver Assistant System)

1.Precisely capture driver’s driving behavior, detect if a driver has dangerous driving behavior such as fatigue driving, calling, smoking, etc.. Alerts will be activated once dangerous driving behavior is detected, which increases the driving safety.

2.Alerting for orbit displacement and collision against front vehicle: Once driving route abnormity or unsafe vehicle distance is detected, there will be alarms sent to driver, which decreases the collision accidents caused by lane departure and small vehicle distance.

Sudden Accident Evidence Taken

When collision accidents happen, Start automatic recording function immediately to record the photo before and after the accident, forcibly save key records and upload them to server. This will help restore the scene and clarify the responsibility.

Driver Management focused on big data analysis

Combined with driving behavior, mileage and time, traffic data, insurance coverage and claims data, illegal data, visual images, videos, etc., match the insurance associated data for large data cleaning, analysis and modeling, calculate the driver driving score, driver's driving safety level, predict the driving risk, and thus prevent and control risks efficiently.

Advantages of OBD+

Low Cost, Fast Installation, Multi-function

  • Price for Traditional DVR is 400~600 USD, while price of CHAINWAYTSP OBD+ is less than half.

  • Enjoy the most professional, systematic, intelligent fleet risk management service by the lowest cost.

  • Manage your fleet by CHAINWAYTSP OBD+, ROI can be as high as 900%.