Device is connected to the OBD port but still appears offline.

If your device appears offline it might be because of the following reasons:

• Prepaid/postpaid bundle has expired.

• Kindly clear your pending payments or contact the appointed corporate manager.

• You haven’t plugged in the device properly into the OBD port.

If the issue still persists please contact your sales person from CHAINWAYTSP.

How do I know my device is online?

You can check the status of your device through the online web portal from the corresponding tab, making sure the device is properly plugged in the OBD port.

However, if your device still remains offline kindly make sure all dues are paid or contact your supplier.

How do I install the device?

The device is plugged into the OBD port of a vehicle. It can be found hidden beneath the steering wheel either on the left or right side.