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ChainwayTSP provides insurance telematics solutions mainly through UBI technology and multiple intelligent hardware access methods. We collect the real-time operation status of vehicles and the driving behavior data of users, and upload these data through mobile network to the telematics cloud platform for further management; in the mean time, we match with insurance association data in order to perform cleaning, analysis and modeling work towards big data. In the end, we assist insurance companies by providing data,technical and operational support on user scenario and risk management, with an aim at designing more diversified and more competitive UBI products.



With OBD terminal, we can collect travelling data of vehicles, such as mileage, fuel consumption, harsh acceleration, harsh deceleration, overspeed and idling, and upload these data through mobile network to the telematics cloud service platform, which will carry out respective analysis through data processing.


1)Data collection standard and quality meet the requirements of UBI actuarial science.

• Over 100,000 subscriptions, which can provide abundant telematics data.

• Data collection standard has been directly used by numerous insurance companies in China for their UBI modeling.

• Data collection standard has been directly used by a famous international UBI consulting company for its UBI modeling.

2)Product features (colorful in appearance, humanization design)

• Easy installation, plug and play.

• Standard OBD interface with high compatibility.

• Industrial design, satisfy the electrics standard for automobiles.

• Steady performance, low power consumption.


The program consists of telematics terminals, Bluetooth tags, mobile Apps and a big data platform. Bluetooth tags can only be matched with an unique telematics terminal, which can help to identify the vehicle. The solution can well solve the binding uniqueness problem between telematics terminal and vehicles, and satisfy the requirements of insurance companies on uploading telematics data.


1)One-on-one telematics terminal identifier can be used for vehicle identification.
2)In case of abnormal matching, platform will receive alert information.
3)Small size, easy installation, low power dissipation, and ultra-long standby time.
4)Pressure-sensitive switch, anti-dismantle, anti-vibration, stable and reliable.


Dashcam solution consists of three major parts, namely a dashcam, a smartphone APP, and cloud service. In addition to satisfying recording vehicle travelling process images on a real-time basis, the dashcam provided by Chainway can also collect driving behavior data at the same time to provide more valuable telematics data to the insurance company.


1)Dashcam is a rigid demand product in the market, which can satisfy the requirements of recording.
2)The integrated UBI technology can help to collect the bad driving behaviors data, such as harsh acceleration, harsh deceleration, harsh turning and overspeed etc.
3)Collected video and image data enables clearly reproducing the accident process and accident scene, providing support to settlement of claims and obtaining of evidences, distinguishing insurance fraud.
4)Videos can be downloaded, cut out, released with smartphones; more convenient and flexible operation.
5)Equipped with GPS, GLONASS and Beidou positioning modules, support vehicle tracking and positioning, historical track playback and other services.


Mobile driving behavior SDK is a full solution of mobile terminal SDK light weight design particularly customized for insurance companies, which mainly use the sensors of smartphones to acquire vehicle travelling data, build up and continuously optimize the data model through machine learning, so as to be more precise to determine different driving behaviors, and accumulate precise, detailed, abundant, and diversified travelling data.


1)Low cost in promotion: hardware equipment must include hardware cost. Mobile SDK product requires for one-time R&D investment. Along with the increase of user quantity, the marginal cost will approach to zero.
2)Travelling data collection: travelling start time, travelling finish time, travelling route, direction, mileage, speed. Realization of second-level collection of track and event data.
3)Complete driving identification model

• Automatically detect the starting and finishing time of the trip.

• Detect if the vehicle is driven by yourself (driver or passenger).

• Detect the traffic tools types( running , bicycle, electric bicycle, bus,subway).

Locate Vehicles in Real-Time
Always know where vehicles are for efficient utilization and fraud detection.
Control Fuel Costs
Monitor and manage driver behavior to reduce idle time for fuel savings up to 30%.
Reduce Maintenance Expenses
Improve employee driving, vehicle usage and mileage reporting to keep vehicles running smoothly.
Monitor Time Reporting
Track actual hours worked for drivers with precise vehicle arrival and departure times.
Reduce Fraud
Identify and set alerts for unauthorized driving areas and times.
Insurance Savings
Reduced premiums for signing up.